Kula Kai View Estates Community and Road Maintenance Association
Annual Meeting Minutes
10:00 AM, Saturday, 28 January 2017
Ocean View Community Center, 92-8924 Leilani Circle, Ocean View, Hawaii 96737
PDF of Minutes

Registration and Ballot Distribution
The owner of each lot received one ballot plus another ballot for each proxy he or she holds.

Call to Order at 10:05 AM
Appointment of a Registration, Elections, and Voting Committee
Veda Hackell – Chair, Members – Karen Ingraham and Karen Lane

Quorum verification for Annual Meeting and Bylaw amendments voting- The Elections and Voting Committee verified that a majority of the Kula Kai members were either present or represented by proxy.

Approval of minutes of last (2016) Annual Meeting- Motion made, seconded and passed to dispense with reading the 2016 minutes and approves the minutes as mailed to the members.

Standing, Permanent, and Temporary Committee Reports
Communication – The Kula Kai email list is used to notify members of the gate code changes, which occur approximately four times a year, and to send other important Kula Kai notices such as a summary of actions taken by the Board this year. See President’s letter.
Secretary – Mary S. Wilson- no news to report
Treasurer – The Kula Kai View Estates Treasurer’s report for the year ending December 31, 2016 was approved by the Board at its December meeting and was sent to the members with the annual meeting notice.
Financial Planning – John M. Wilson, Tomislav Gracanin, and Karen Lane are researching various ways to invest the association’s money with the highest interest rate that is complely insured and safe.
Road Maintenance – Ric Elhard – Spraying equipment has been purchased and delivered. Ric Elhardt and Rose Herarra will perform the herbacide spraying to avoid excessive and unnecessary spraying. Ric added that he plans to spray the herbacide in a 12-18 inch swatch down Kula Kai Blvd. and the side roads.
Weed Control Committee – Karen Lane – The Board established a weed control committee to monitor, manage, and kill the plants that damage the Kula Kai road system and pavement. Residents who wish to eradicate their weeds themselves using alternative herbicidal treatments will be notified before spraying begins to avoid having the strip along Kona Kai Boulevard in front of their property treated.
Mowing – Gary Kneeland – discussed the use of rotary and sickle bar mower attachments for the John Deer tractor owned by Kula Kai.
Gate Management – John M. Wilson, See the Kula Kai Rules and Procedures for all the gate notices. Codes for each change were given out during the meeting.
Clicker policy – Ric Elhard, See the enclosed Kula Kai Rules and Procedures. One free clicker will go to each lot. Currently, all available clickers have been spoken for; those still needing clickers may contact Ric.
Kula Kai Lot 3 Improvements – Rose Herrera reported that she continues to work on hiring someone to weed and thin the lot of unwanted shrubs.
Bylaws – See the Proposed Bylaws Amendments. The text of all four proposed admendments is stated on the ballot and included with the explanation mailed to the memebers.

Old Business (No old Business)

New Business
Introduction of nominees for Kula Kai directors – Kula Kai members nominated seven candidates for the seven director positions. The bylaws do not allow for write-ins, so the Chair accepted a motion to elect the seven candidates without using paper ballots. Motion made, seconded and passed. Board members introduced themselves and included their interest in being a board member.

Vote on the proposed bylaw amendments. Ballots were returned to the Elections, Tellers and Voting Committee, which announced the results. – All four-bylaw amendments were approved by more than a two thirds vote.

A suggestion was made that the board consider reviewing all e-mail votes on an item or issue the next board meeting.

A motion was made, seconded and passed to request that the board look into what would be involved in purchasing a bank of mailboxes to place at the start of Kona Kai Boulevvard for use with the US Postal Service.

A motion was made, seconded and passed to request that the board research the possibilities of installing a solar energy system to power the Kula Kai gate and light at the entrance to the subdivision.

A motion was made, seconded and passed to request that the board consider making small increases in yearly dues over time rather than emplimenting a special assessment to pay for a major road paving.

Adjournment – Motion to adjourn was made, and the chair determined that there was no objection, so he adjourned the meeting at 11:35 AM.

PDF of Minutes