Policy Motions approved at the 2015 Kula Kai View Estates Annual Meeting

Kula Kai Road Access from Adjacent Subdivisions

Kula Kai View Estates Community Association will not approve any road access connections to Kula Kai View Estates from any adjacent subdivisions. This policy includes both Keone’s Hawaiian Ranchos and Kahuku Country Estates Subdivisions.

Future paving

When the KKVECA decides to contract to have road maintenance or paving done, the association board will notify the membership by postcard, and other means if it chooses, prior to commencing said work. Each association member will have the opportunity at their expense to arrange directly with the contractor any driveway maintenance or improvements on their property.


The KKVECA Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions have not been enforced by the Kula Kai View Estates Community Association, and they may not be enforceable. We recommend that everyone involved should do their research prior to making any decision in which these covenants and their enforcement is a factor. The members of the Association find some value in the covenants and encourage all owners in Kula Kai to voluntarily maintain the highest quality and appearance of their property that is practical.